Colorful Balls

Jumping   Castles


CApe cobra

Bounce around at the back and slide down the front of the King Cobra Jump and Slide!

Dimensions: 7m x 4m x 1.8m

Palace Foyer



The Buckingham Palace is perfect for birthday parties. Bounce at the back and whizzz down the front. 

Dimensions: 7m x 4m x 1.8m




Race your way inside the Grand Prix jumping castle. Bounce off the walls and all day long  

Dimensions: 4m x 5.3m x 4m

Palm Trees


Enter from either side and jump around the back of the Honolullu Jump and Slide and tumble down into the ball pond. 

Dimensions: 4m x 5.3m x 4m

Tropical Beach

minnie mouse

Bring Disney to your home and jump around with Minnie and friends. Loads of fun in the sun! 


mickey mouse

It's a Disney adventure with the Mickey Jumping Castle. Loads of space to jump for friends and family!



There is a massive party happening inside the Kensington Palace!

Don't underestimate it's size as its far bigger than it appears. 

Dimensions: 2.5m x 5.5m x 6m



Florida Jumping Castle is an world full of excitement. Climb through the hole in the wall and swoop down the front!

Dimensions: 5.8m x 3.5m x 2.5m


big boy 

boxing ring

Be like Rocky and bounce around the Big Boy Boxing Ring. Jump from side to side and slide through the front. 

Dimensions: 6m x 6m x 1.5m

Grass bg.jpg


Las vegas 

Jump at the back and slide down the front into a ball pond of fun! There's space for everyone to have a great time. 

Dimensions: 7m x 3.5 x 2m 

mazo Background.jpg




Blaze through the action packed Amazon Jungle and race to the end! the perfect jumping castle for your birthday bash!

Dimensions: 9.8m x 3.5m x 2m



Jump around the back and slide down the front of the Tropicana!

Dimensions: 6.8m x 3.8m x 3.2m

White House on the Beach



It's a massive jumping castle for a ball of a time! Jump at the back and slide down the front of the Sandringham!

Dimensions: 6.8m x 3.8m x 3.2m

Confetti Pattern Blue

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