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Colorful Balls

Jumping   Castles

We offer a wide range of different styles of jumping castle and jumping castle with side combinations for hire! Contact us now for a further enquires. 

Palm Trees
Lagabaan Lagoon.png

langebaan lagoon

Get ready to jump around the Langebaan Lagoon with all your friends!

Palace Foyer
Buckingham palace 3 in 1 jumping castle with pool, slide and jumping castle



The Buckingham Palace is perfect for birthday parties. Bounce at the back and whizzz down the front. 

Dimensions: 7m x 4m x 1.8m

racecar style jumping castle



Race your way inside the Grand Prix jumping castle. Bounce off the walls and all day long  

Dimensions: 4m x 5.3m x 4m

CApe cobra

Bounce around at the back and slide down the front of the King Cobra Jump and Slide!

Dimensions: 7m x 4m x 1.8m

Tropical Beach

minnie mouse

Minnie mouse styled jumping castle

Bring Disney to your home and jump around with Minnie and friends with this Minnie Mouse themed jumping castle. Loads of fun in the sun! 


mickey mouse

mickey mouse style jumping castle.png

It's a Disney adventure with the Mickey Jumping Castle. Loads of space to jump for friends and family!



Kensignton palace, pink palace style jumping castle.png

There is a massive party happening inside the Kensington Palace! Enjoy this palace themed jumping castle.  Don't underestimate it's size as its far bigger than it appears. 

Dimensions: 2.5m x 5.5m x 6m



Florida 3 in 1 water slide with pool in front and jumping castle at the back.png

Florida Jumping Castle is an world full of excitement. Climb through the hole in the wall and swoop down the front!

Dimensions: 5.8m x 3.5m x 2.5m


big boy 

boxing ring

Big Boy Boxing Ring styled jumping castle.png

Be like Rocky and bounce around the Big Boy Boxing Ring styled jumping castle. Jump from side to side and slide through the front. 

Dimensions: 6m x 6m x 1.5m

Grass bg.jpg


Las vegas

Princess Las Vegas 3 in 1 waterslide with pool and jumping castle at the back.png

Jump at the back and slide down the front into a ball pond of fun! There's space for everyone to have a great time with this princess castle themed jumping castle with a slide! Dimensions: 7m x 3.5 x 2m 

mazo Background.jpg



Amazon Jungle obstacle course style jumping castle.png

Blaze through the action packed Amazon Jungle and race to the end!

Run and have fun with this obstacle course style jumping castle

Dimensions: 9.8m x 3.5m x 2m


Jump around the back and slide down the front of the Tropicana! With this tropical themed jumping castle with slide! Dimensions: 6.8m x 3.8m x 3.2m

White House on the Beach


sandringham pool side water slide with jumping castle

A jumping castle suited for royalty! Jump at the back and slide down the front of the Sandringham!

Dimensions: 6.8m x 3.8m x 3.2m

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